Min-Yeh (Victor) Tsai

Assistant Professor & Theoretical Physical Chemist

Tamkang University, New Taipei City, Tamsui District, Taiwan mytsai@tku.edu.tw; mytsai886@gmail.com; Research networking: •
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My History & Profile

I am a theoretical physical chemist and currently an assistant professor at the Department of Chemistry, Tamkang University. Before I joined Tamkang, I was a postdoc at Rice University (with Prof. Peter G. Wolynes). My background along with some history of mine are briefly described below. When I was a college student, I carried out my very first simulation project on folding a small peptide, with Prof. Ying-Chieh Sun at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). That research experience along with the Bioinformatics Program that I enrolled really initiated my interest in becoming a molecular scientist. Since then, I have been studying theoretical protein folding during my PhD training (with Prof. Sheng Hsien Lin) at National Taiwan University (NTU). After receiving my PhD degree in summer 2011, I worked as R&D fellow at National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) to fulfill my military duty as a male citizen of Taiwan while my research interest during that time had been extended to protein aggregation. As a theoretical physical chemist, I realized the importance of combining computational skills with my theoretical background in answering biological questions of interest in molecular detail. In fall 2014, I joined Peter Wolynes's group at Rice and started working on protein-protein interactions, protein aggregation, and protein-DNA interactions using coarse-grained (CG) models.

Research Interests

Protein-protein & protein-DNA interactions

Protein folding, binding, and aggregation



  • Thermodynamics
  • Statistical Mechanics
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Quantum Chemistry


  • MS Office

Past Education

Ph. D., Physical Chemistry, National Taiwan University (NTU), 2006-2011

B. S., Chemistry, National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), 2001-2005

Work Experience

Postdoc, Rice University, 2014.9-Present

R&D, Alternative Military Duty, National Chiao Tung University, 2011.10-2014.7

Teaching & Mentoring Experience

Mentor in Frontiers in Science (FIS) Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program,2016.6-7


Teaching Assistants, National Taiwan University

• Advanced Physical Chemistry (II), Yit-Tsong Chen, 2008 Fall

• Advanced Physical Chemistry (III), Sheng-Hsien Lin, 2007 Spring

• Organic chemistry experiment, 2005-2006

Honors & Awards


• Postdoctoral Research Abroad Program, Ministry of Science Technology (MOST), Taiwan 2013.11


• National Taiwan University Dean of science award for PhD 2010-2011

• Chinese Chemical Society Dissertation Award of Excellence in Physical Chemistry 2011


• The scholar of Zhong-Ya Wu Educational Foundation in the year 2006-2007, 2008-2009, 2010-2011

• The scholar of the Chung Hwa Rotary Eduational Foundation in the year 2006-2007

• The scholar of Xio-Heng Gu Educational Foundation in the year 2005-2006, 2010-2011


• Education Committee Travel Award, Biophysical Society 58th Annual Meeting 2014

• The finalist of poster competition, the 18th Biophysics Conference, Taipei 2013

• The second place of poster competition, the 16th Biophysics Conference, Hualien 2011


• Facilitated dissociation of DNA-binding proteins: Counterintuitive but forms critical determinant of regulatory functions, Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica, Oct 12, 2016 [invited talk]

• Role of electrostatic interactions between bio-molecules in their functional binding, Chemistry Department, National Taiwan Normal University, Oct 5, 2015 [invited talk]

• Revisting protein aggregation kinetics using the mean-field kinetic Ising model, selected talk for poster competition award, the 18th Biophysics Conference, June 2013 [selected talk]

• A Theoretical Study on the Thermodynamics of a β-Hairpin Peptide, selected talk for poster competition award, the 16th Biophysics Conference, May 2011 [selected talk]


[simulation paper; protein aggregation]

[simulation paper; protein-DNA interactions]

[simulation paper; protein aggregation]

[simulation paper; protein aggregation]

[theoretical paper; protein aggregation]

[simulation paper; protein folding]

[experimental paper; protein folding]

[simulation paper; protein folding and binding]

[theoretical paper; protein aggregation]

[simulation paper; protein folding]

[theoretical paper; spectroscopy]

[theoretical paper; protein folding]

[simulation paper; protein folding]

[theoretical paper; protein folding]